YIYOU Encryption Software

Main features about SuperEncryptor

Main features about Super USB Secure


  • Super USB Secure is the encryption software specifically developed for USB drive (such as USB flash disk, removable hard disk, memory card and memory stick) by YIYOU Software, which is the pure green software with only one executable file, and no writing to registry or writing any files to the system.
  • With its easy to use, high security, fast encryption, Super USB Secure is the super partner of USB drives.
  • It can hide all your files/folders in a second in your USB drive , and they are still invisible if you plug your USB drive into other computer.
  • It can pack and encrypt one file/folder or more into an EXE file, and the EXE file can be copied to any windows-installed computer for decrypting and releasing (no need to use Super USB Secure). For encryption algorithm, AES (256 digit), DES, 3DES, Blowfish and other international famous mature encryption algorithm can be taken, and it is  possible to be unscrambled.