YIYOU Encryption Software

Password Management

There are so many passwords in our daily life such as those for file encryption, Email and ICQ account, computer login, credit card and deposit book etc.

Feel dizzy?

It’s a common occurrence that you forget one of your passwords one day.

Now with "Password Management", you can manage all your passwords by just remembering one password, or even remember no password at all by using an authorized disk or a file as the password.

With "Password Management", you can select a password and paste it into password input box during encryption. You can also use "Copy Password" to copy a password into clipboard and then paste it into other applications. All passwords are completely safe since they are encrypted before saving.

Never lose the password to enter "Password Management". Keep safe the authorized disk and backup the password file with "Backup Information Files".

To use "Password Management", first fill out the "Caption", "Password" and "Commentary" in the "Edit Column" and then click "Append" button.

If you have modified any information above, remember to click "Modify". Click "Delete" to erase an item. Before exit, click "Save" first. By clicking "Save as a file" button, you can save the password records as a .txt file which is convenient to modify or print. Click "Change Password" button, and you can change the password to enter "Password Management".