YIYOU Encryption Software

Encryption Requirements

System Requirements, Installing and Uninstalling


1. System Requirements


It runs on Windows 9X/Me/2000/XP/Vista platforms. This application has no special hardware requirements so long as your computer can run Windows 98.


The following hardware configuration is recommended for running SuperEncryptor.


*A pentium 2 300 compatible PC or higher

*A minimum of 128MB of RAM

*A hard disk drive with at least 8MB of free space

*EGA/VGA monitor or better

*A mouse or compatible pointing device


2. Installing SuperEncryptor


SuperEncryptor is installed by default into c:\Program Files\SuperEncryptor. If you want the program installed in another drive or folder, browse to the desired installation path. If the path does not exist, the setup program will create it for you.


3. Uninstalling SuperEncryptor


SuperEncryptor itself has the function of uninstalling, which makes you delete all files, program group, registry information and shortcut of SuperEncryptor conveniently. It is quite easy, for non-registered edition, run SuperEncryptor; click "Uninstall" button in the bottom left corner of the pop-up registration dialog box. For registered edition, run SuperEncryptor, click "Tools" menu, and click "Uninstall SuperEncryptor". Pay attention that you need password to uninstall SuperEncryptor. The password for uninstalling SuperEncryptor is the same as the one used to startup SuperEncryptor. Notice: Uninstalling doesn’t mean uninstall the registration information for SuperEncryptor, and you can’t increase the evaluation days by reinstalling SuperEncryptor after uninstalling it either.